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Catalogues: Downloads in year order:
(Please note some are very large files)

Catalogue 1883 Bucyrus Foundry & Manufactoring Co.
Hand Car Catalogue Pages Bucyrus Ohio (1.5MB)

Catalogue The earliest Sheffield Car Companies illustrations found so far in 1887. NEW July 2017

Catalogue 1887 Kalamazoo Catalogue 1-22

Catalogue 1892 Kalamazoo 1

Catalogue 1892 Kalamazoo 2

Catalogue 1892 Kalamazoo 3

Catalogue 1895 Kalamazoo Booklet

Catalogue Railroad Car Builder’s Directory 1895 and extract from the 1879 Railroad Car Builders Pictorial Dictionary. NEW July 2017

Catalogue Railroad Car Builder’s Directory 1895 & Railroad Car Builder’s Dictionary 1879 + Wabash Hand Car of 1895

Catalogue 1897 Kalamazoo Catalogue page view here

Catalogue 1900 Fairbanks Morse Hand Car Leaflet

Catalogue 1905 Bagnall of Stafford Velocipede Pages

Catalogue 1902 Buda Catalogue - Handcar & Pushcar Pages (333.7MB)

Catalogue 1905 Buda Catalogue - Handcar, Pushcar & Velo Pages (233.1MB)

Catalogue 1905 Fairbanks Morse Railway Supplies No 106

Catalogue 1906 FAIRBANKS MORSE & CO RAILROAD Department
Catalogue NO. 52 [10.7MB]

Catalogue 1909 BUDA Pump Car Catalogue page view here

Catalogue 1909 BUDA Velocipede Catalogue

Catalogue 1910 plus BUDA Cat 213

Catalogue 1910 Fairbanks Morse Gasoline Cars (New Sep 2016)

Catalogue 1911 Fairbanks Morse & Co Sheffield Catalogue

Catalogue 1911 Sheffield Velocipede Catalogue 106E

Catalogue 1916 H Channon Company Catalogue (794KB)

Catalogue 1917 Fairbanks Morse & Co Sheffield Catalogue

Catalogue 1917 Sheffield Power Top

Catalogue 1918 Kalamazoo Catalogue (1.9MB)

Catalogue 1919 Sheffield Hand and Push Cars dated April 1919
(click on link in PDF file)

Catalogue 1920 Canadian Fairbanks Morse Catalogue Pages (1.87MB)

Catalogue 1922 Fairbanks Morse & CO Catalogue (12.4MB)

Catalogue 1923 Kalamazoo Equipment sold by Marshall-Wells Company (620KB)

Catalogue 1949 Fairbanks Morse & CO Catalogue (1.05MB)

Catalogue 1950 Locospoor catalogue

Catalogue 1956 Kalamazoo Catalogue (link to external site)

Catalogue 1957 Bergbolagen


BUDA Foundry & MFG CO Harvey, ILL.


Catalogue A British Isles List of Hand Power Rail Vehicles - Version 34 (May 2020)
List of 129 Preserved Hand Powered Rail Vehicles in Museums and Private Collections in the British Isles as a whole.

Other Downloads:
(Please note some are very large files)

Catalogue The End of Sheffield Car Company Wood Wheels after 71 years!
NEW July 2017

Catalogue Photos:- Rubber “C” section standard Scandinavian Track bike with its rail grabbing wheels. NEW July 2017

Catalogue Wheel Centre Press Plan NEW April 2017

Catalogue The machines that killed hand power on rails.
Hand Power was at its peak from 1880 to 1900 then the pop, pop, pop of simple internal combustion engines was the innocent sounding death knell of hand power on rails.

Catalogue Photo History of Handpower on Rails - 20 Types 500 Years (15.4MB)

Catalogue 1893 - 1895 Illustrations for Roberts, Throp & Co

Catalogue 1898 Double Crescent Rack

Catalogue 1905, 1906 1912 Brennabor (Germany)

Catalogue 1928 Rule Book

Catalogue 1937 New York Central System Rule Book (2.9MB)

Catalogue Fairbanks-Morse Exposition Booklet (5.2MB)

Catalogue South African Railways Pump Car


Patent Downloads: (Please note some are very large files)

Catalogue 1896 GB Patent

USA Velocipede & Handcar Patents compiled by Lary Shaffer



Velocipede Plans:

Plans 1899 New Zealand Railways Velocipede (2.07MB)

Plans 1899 Sheffield Pump Car (2.35MB)

Plans 1905 New Zealand Railways "Jigger" Velocipede (698KB)

Plans 1938 New Zealand Railways Velocipede (1MB)

Plans Canadian Pacific Rail Road Pump Car Drawings

Photo © Dave Gibson



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