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Disc Wheel Track Bike - machines built by Jacqui Thomas, Trevor Catterson and Chris Hunt.

new June 16

The easiest machine to propel by far is a ”Draisine”, but not as easy to build as the track bike. We could email you the AutoCAD code for the wheels to get them laser cut by a firm local to you. It is free.
Restoration of Historic Machines
12 seat Row Boat of 1868 found as just metalwork with no wood remaining
The best machine to start with The three wheel ones have double flanged wheels under the driver and don’t do points in one direction, The wheels are laser cut and we can email you the AutoCAD code for the wheels to get them cut by a firm local to you, it is FREE.
First British built Velorail....
A Most Unusual Beast
We have found this idea only twice in the 19th Century (so far) and we had to build one to see if it would work in reality. Because I’m very cautious about believing things you see in railway books on the subject of hand power....
c1940 3’ 6” Gauge South African Railways Pump Car


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For further information about Railway Velocipedes please contact:
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Velocipedes and other Hand Powered Rail Vehicles. Hajtany (HU); Railbike (US,GB); Dresinsykling (NO); Handcar (US); Drezina (RU);
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