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News of the Book 1 The Book with 2 discs
17 Machine Types/Chapters and keeps growing and changing as you all send me information and point me in dozens of different directions around the world (especially my Book Editor Kevin) The book will be quite small, around 80 sides (at the moment), A4 Portrait, Paperback, full colour and the drawings will also be on the computer disk to allow you to enlarge and print them for building your own machines, full size or model.

2 Moving Pictures DVD Disk included in the book
We will attempt to show how machines work, are/were used, built and restored.
3 Drawings & Photos Disk included in the book
For all the stuff that is interesting but would make the book 2 inches (50m.m.) thick and far too expensive in austere times. Including photos of Restoration and Building projects (a bit Haynes Motor Manualish) and lots of machine photos and links to find more with all the drawings in the book.
with the AutoCAD laser cutting code and sketches and notes for the Build your Own projects also on the disc.
We are aiming for a run of 100 and a price of £20 with two disks, a breakeven price

Useful book NEW available now
A reprint of 1907 BUDA Track Supplies and Railway Material Catalogue ISBN 978-1-935700-08-1from amazon.co.uk at £18.53 (2010 price) 330 pages, paperback, 8"x10".
The 41 pages relevant to hand powered vehicle collectors are from 46 to 87, covering pressed steel wheels (and the wood centre wheel, p50, which I have never seen elsewhere.) Pump Cars 51 to 61 with parts photos and lists 68 to 73 - from this data you can rebuild or new build a pump car. The Push Car material 62 -67 and 74, 75 is relevant because axles and wheels for these still turn up (one in 2010) and can be used to repair Pump Cars and Velocipedes if you swop the centres.
Velocipedes pages 76 to 87 is pure gold if you have a machine, care for one or want to build one - this is the bible. With a photocopier and a couple of known dimensions (bring a measuring tape to the National Rally) you can scale the parts photos and build one.
A cracking book at a reasonable price, grab one, now! Jacqui Thomas
Useful book second hand difficult to find
A partial reprint of the 1909 BUDA Catalogue Train Shed Cyclopedia No 28 from Newton K. Gregg, Publisher $5.50 in 1975. ISBN 0-912318-59-7 Library of Congress Number 72-83863 photo reduced to 2 pages per 8 ¼"x11 ½", paperback. It has 24 sides (2 pages each) relevant to hand powered collectors.
You are in the second hand market for this one, good luck, it has the first appearance of motor cars and much the same Pump Car, Push Car and Velocipede material that appears in the 1907 reprint (without the wood centre wheel). The parts photos and numbers are completely different to 1907, but just as easy to scale with a photocopier and a few known dimensions and just as much pure gold. The Velocipedes include the new No 5 "Emergency Car" which is light weight and has bicycle spoke wheels. about 17" diameter. A book well worth buying, if you can find one. Jacqui Thomas

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